About Us

Chiasma is a national New Zealand organisation that creates links between academia and the wider science, technology and engineering (STEM) industries.

Our mission is to inspire and help our members to develop a successful career in the STEM industry by providing them with the necessary skills, networks and mindset.

In turn, these innovative, well connected and commercially aware graduates will contribute to the growth of New Zealand’s knowledge based economy.


Chiasma was launched in September 2004 by Priv Bradoo, Swati Sharma and Daniel Sun, three PhD students in the University of Auckland's Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Since then, Chiasma has grown into a thriving organisation, with branches in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin and boasts over 3500 student and industry members. Each centre runs their own flavour of networking events, workshops, panel discussions, mentorship programmes and site visits tailored towards the local students and industry.

Chiasma Committees

The three centres are run by their own student-led Chiasma Committee. Each committee is made up of business savvy, entrepreneurial and connected students who are passionate about the STEM industries. Connecting our centres is the Chiasma National committee, made up of previous executives from the local centres.

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