Dunedin Team



Chief Executive OfficerJoshua Harris
Chief Financial OfficerLucy Wingrove
Chief Marketing OfficerValery Liu
Chief Events CoordinatorCeline Wong
Chief StrategistCharlie Hendaler


                          Callaghan Innovation

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                                  Pacific Edge Ltd



From our sponsor:

Our goal is to accelerate commercialisation of innovation in New Zealand firms.

We create and deliver innovative products and services that enable businesses to invest more in research, science, engineering, technology and design, so that they can be more successful in the global market.

When we succeed, all New Zealanders will benefit from a stronger economy, higher value exports, more productive and sustainable resource use, more jobs and higher incomes.

Our focus is to deliver products and services that:

  1. Motivate industry and individuals to innovate through inspiring information, training, advice and funding
  2. Connect industry with innovation ideas, opportunities, partners, expertise and solutions
  3. Deliver project management resources and the expertise required for high priority innovation opportunities

Visit us at http://www.callaghaninnovation.govt.nz/