Auckland Team

The University of Auckland is the founding home of Chiasma, which was born from the hard work and vision of three PhD students. This hard work and vision is shared by all 29 students which proudly make up the Chiasma Auckland team. Chiasma Auckland is also home to our National team, which seeks to continue spreading Chiasma and the Chiasma effect across the country.



Chief Executive OfficerImche Fourie
Chief Operating OfficerTina Nie
Performance OfficerAnthony Yen-Kai Chen
StrategistJessica Chiang
TreasurerRachel Weng

Events Team

Industry Team

Marketing Team

Systems Team


Chiasma National Committee

ChairpersonKaushala Ratnayake
Chief Financial Officer Nikita Bartlett
Public Relations ManagerAxton Pitts
Development Projects ManagerKyle Webster
Partnerships ManagersMatt Lloyd & Stefan Prodan
Marketing ManagersIsabella Njohana & Ahmad Musa
Systems ManagerEdwin Chow


Callaghan Innovation

From our sponsor:

Our goal is to accelerate commercialisation of innovation in New Zealand firms.

We create and deliver innovative products and services that enable businesses to invest more in research, science, engineering, technology and design, so that they can be more successful in the global market.

When we succeed, all New Zealanders will benefit from a stronger economy, higher value exports, more productive and sustainable resource use, more jobs and higher incomes.

Our focus is to deliver products and services that:

  1. Motivate industry and individuals to innovate through inspiring information, training, advice and funding
  2. Connect industry with innovation ideas, opportunities, partners, expertise and solutions
  3. Deliver project management resources and the expertise required for high priority innovation opportunities

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Sponsors - Auckland

Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology

The Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology (IIB) works in close association with the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) at the University of Auckland, and focuses on industry partnerships to accelerate innovation and develop new models of bioscience enterprise training. The IIB was launched in June 2006 and operates under a Partnership-for-Excellence funded agreement between the University of Auckland and Government to support the growth of the bio-industry.

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University of Auckland: Auckland Bioengineering Institute

The primary goal of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute is to develop anatomically and biophysically based mathematical models for all aspects of human physiology from genes to whole organs, together with the experimental techniques and instrumentation required to measure cell and tissue properties and perform model validation experiments. The understanding of biological function gained through these models is applied to medical diagnosis, drug discovery and medical device manufacture.

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University of Auckland: Faculty of Medical and Health Science

From our sponsor:

The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences aims to improve the health and wellbeing of our local, national and global communities through excellence in teaching, research and service.

Over the past three years we have opened the award winning AMRF Medical Sciences Learning Centre - Whakaaro Pai, seen significant enhancement of our Advanced Clinical Skills Centre at Mercy Ascot Hospital, and commissioned a suite of new teaching rooms and a large integrated teaching facility.

In 2009, the faculty opened the Centre for Brain Research, one of the largest neuroscience research facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. These resources will enable our students to fully experience the rewards of learning and researching in a world-class academic, medical and health sciences environment.

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University of Auckland: Business School

From our sponsor:

Our aim is to be one of Asia Pacific's foremost business schools - to develop graduates, knowledge and ideas that enhance the productivity, growth and global competitiveness of New Zealand enterprise.

In order to achieve this vision, the faculty will:

  • Propagate the Business School's entrepreneurial mindset across the University.
  • Develop a new curriculum – one that is flexible and scalable, that focuses specifically on innovation and commercialisation, and which builds an entrepreneurial mindset to support the transformation process.
  • Forge visionary partnerships with business and investment communities to ensure that the experiential learning opportunities that are essential to real learning about wealth creation are available to all who wish to embark on this journey.
  • Research and improve the process of getting ideas to markets – whether it be in entrepreneurial start-ups, owner-managed or family-owned businesses, or large corporations.
  • Support the transformation with infrastructure and resources to unleash its enabling power.

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University of Auckland: Faculty of Science

The faculty is the largest and most highly ranked science faculty in New Zealand offering a wide range of subjects and specialisations to more than 7,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students studying across 10 different schools and departments.

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NZBIOs vision is for the growth of a prosperous New Zealand bioeconomy

NZBIO is a member-based organisation which acts to Enable an Effective Environment for Successful New Zealand Bio Enterprise.

It aims to achieve this purpose through four strategic objectives:
1.    Develop and advocate government policy relevant to bio enterprise;
2.    Provide members with relevant services that achieve positive impact on their performance;
3.    Be a thought leader on bio enterprise for the national good; and
4.    Promote New Zealand’s bio enterprise capability and opportunities globally.

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Established in 2003, Velocity (formerly Spark) was inspired by similar competitions at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, MIT $100K) and The University of Cambridge (Cambridge University Entrepreneurs). Based on their success, Velocity was established to foster an entrepreneurial culture and commercialise the host of innovative ideas developed within The University of Auckland for the benefit and prosperity of New Zealand. 

Velocity is a student-led initiative, in partnership with The University of Auckland Business School and business incubator The ICEHOUSE (International Centre for Entrepreneurship). Velocity is supported by its Gold Sponsors: Auckland Uniservices Limited, Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development, Return On Science, in addition to its Silver Sponsors: Peter Yealands Wines, Alleasing, Fonterra, and Hudson Gavin Martin.


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The Postgraduate Students' Association is an incorporated society dedicated to strengthening the postgraduate community at the University of Auckland. The Association is run by a Board of volunteer representatives from each faculty across the University.

The PGSA was instrumental in setting up the SPARK challenge, a competition now run by The University, and was responsible for initiating Exposure - the Postgraduate Research Exposition Competiton. Exposure is held annually across all faculties within the university of Auckland.

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Global Biotech Revolution

The global bio-economy is growing steadily as it develops new business models and technologies. However, it faces challenges in investment, government policy and research commercialisation that could make or break the future industry. Young bioleaders are isolated in regional clusters and often solely focus on self-career development, lacking the connection to global challenges and thinking innovatively about their contribution.

Global Biotech Revolution’s (GBR) vision is to create a network of young and current bio-leaders who grow and support each other’s ideas and knowledge, and think innovatively on growing the global bio-economy through collaborative ventures.

GBR is a not-for-profit that connects biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers to young bio-leaders of tomorrow. GBR is solely led by young passionate and engaged researchers, students and professionals from across the world. We engage key stakeholders through physical and online platforms that initiate and build future global conversations and collaborations.

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